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Publications 2005-2006

Šoškić V, Schwall G, Nyakatura E, Poznanović S, Stegmann W and Schrattenholz A (2006)
Hexadecanedionic acid-sepharose 4B: A new tool for preparation of albumin-depleted plasma
J Proteome Res 5: 3453-3458 [pubmed]

Schrattenholz A, Klemm M (2006)
How Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Can Impact In Vitro Drug Screening Technologies of the Future
In: Marx U, Sandig V (eds.): Drug Testing in vitro, 2006, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, p. 205-228

Lund S, Christensen KV, Hedtjärn M, Mortensen AL, Hagberg H, Falsig J, Hasseldam H, Schrattenholz A, Pörzgen P and Leist M (2006)
The dynamics of the LPS triggered inflammatory response of murine microglia under different culture and in vivo conditions
J Neuroimmunol 180: 71-87 [pubmed]

Schrattenholz A (2006)
Stem cell-based in vitro models as a basis to test efficacies of preclinical phases of anti-neurodegenerative treatments
ALTEX 23: 125-126

Hunzinger C , Schrattenholz A., Poznanović S, Schwall G, Stegmann W (2006)
Comparison of different Proteomics technologies for the analysis of phosphoproteins: isoform resolution as a prerequisite for the definition of protein biomarkers on the level of posttranslational modifications
J Chromatogr A 1123: 170-181 [pubmed]

Schrattenholz A and Šoškić V (2006)
NMDA receptors are not alone: Dynamic regulation of NMDA receptor structure and function by neuregulins and transient cholesterol-rich membrane domains leads to disease-specific nuances of glutamate-signalling
Curr Top Med Chem 6: 663-686 [pubmed]

Hunzinger C, Wozny W, Schwall GP, Poznanović S, Stegmann W, Zengerling H, Schoepf R, Groebe K, Cahill MA, Osiewacz HD, Jägemann N, Bloch M, Dencher NA, Krause, Schrattenholz A (2006)
Comparative profiling of the mammalian mitochondrial proteome: multiple aconitase-2 isoforms including N-formylkynurenine modifications as part of a protein biomarker signature for reactive oxidative species
J Proteome Res 5: 625-633 [pubmed]

Falsig J, Pörzgen P, Lund S, Schrattenholz A, Leist M (2006)
The inflammatory transcriptome of reactive murine astrocytes and implications for their immune functions
J Neurochem 96: 893-907 [pubmed]

Neubauer H, Clare SE, Kurek R, Wallwiener D, Sotlar K , Nordheim A, Wozny W, Schwall G, Poznanović S, Sastri C, Hunzinger C, Stegmann W, Schrattenholz A, Cahill MA (2006)
Breast cancer proteomics by 54 cm daisy chain IPG-IEF 2D-PAGE, differential radioactive detection, sample pooling, and laser capture microdissection
Electrophoresis 27: 1840-1852 [pubmed]

Klemm M, Schrattenholz A (2005)
In vitro models and quantitative differential proteomics technologies for molecular signatures of neurotoxicity and neuroprotection
ALTEX 22: 315

Clare S, Neubauer H, Kurek R, Sotlar K, Wozny W, Schrattenholz A, Cahill MA (2005)
Breast Cancer Proteomics by 54 CM Daisy-Chain 2D-PAGE, Differential Radioactive Detection, Sample Pooling, and Laser Capture Microdissection
Mol Cell Proteomics 4, S1, S106

Klocker H, Wozny W, Schwall G, Schrattenholz A, Cahill MA, Rogatsch H, Schäfer G (2005)
New Biomarkers Revealed by Quantitative Differential Radioactive Analysis of Protein Expression in Human Prostate Cancers
Mol Cell Proteomics 4: S1, S115

Vogt V, Hunzinger C, Schwall G, Cahill MA, Schrattenholz A, Stegmann W (2005)
Fractional Synthesis Rates of Proteins from 13C-Labeled Mouse Liver Determined by MALDI-TOF MS and Analysis of Relative Isotopologue Abundances Using Average Masses
Mol Cell Proteomics 4: S1, S328

Poznanović S, Wozny W, Schwall G, Sastri C, Hunzinger C, Stegmann W, Schrattenholz A, Buchner A, Gangnus R, Burgemeister R, Cahill MA (2005)
Differential radioactive proteomic analysis of microdissected renal cell carcinoma tissue by 54 cm isoelectric focusing in serial immobilized pH gradient gels
J Proteome Res 4: 2117-2125 [pubmed]

Poznanović S, Zengerling H, Schwall G and Cahill MA (2005)
Isoelectric focusing in serial immobilized pH gradient gels to improve protein separation in proteomic analysis
Electrophoresis 26: 3185-3190 [pubmed]

Schillo S, Pejovic V, Hunzinger C, Hansen T, Poznanović S, Kriegsmann J, Schmidt WJ and Schrattenholz A (2005)
Integrative Proteomics: functional and molecular characterization of a particular glutamate-related neuregulin isoform
J Proteome Res 4. 900-908 [pubmed]

Gillardon F, Schrattenholz A, Sommer B (2005)
Investigating the neuroprotective mechanism of action of a CDK5 inhibitor by phosphoproteome analysis.
J Cell Biochem 95: 817-826 [pubmed]

Vogt JA, Hunzinger C, Schroer K, Hölzer K, Bauer A, Schrattenholz A, Cahill MA, Schillo S, Schwall G, Stegmann W, Albuszies G (2005)
Determination of fractional synthesis rates of mouse hepatic proteins via metabolic 13C-labelling, MALDI-TOF MS and analysis of relative isotopologue abundances using average masses
Anal Chem 77: 2034-2042 [Abstract]

Šukalovic V, Andric D, Roglic G, Kostic-Rajacic S, Schrattenholz A and Šoškic V (2005)
Synthesis, dopamine D2 receptor binding studies and docking analysis of 5-[3-(4-arylpiperazin-1-yl)propyl]-1H-benzimidazole, 5-[2-(4-arylpiperazin-1-yl)ethoxy]-1H-benzimidazole and their analogues
Eur J Med Chem 40: 481-493 [pubmed]

Schrattenholz A, Wozny W, Klemm M, Schroer K, Stegmann W, Cahill MA (2005)
Differential and Quantitative Molecular Analysis of Ischemia: Complexity reduction by isotopic labeling of proteins using a neural embryonic stem cell model
J Neurol Sci 229-230: 261-267 [Abstract]