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Publications 2003-2004

Wang X, Zhu C, Wang X, Gerwien J, Schrattenholz A, Sandberg M, Leist M and Blomgren K (2004)
The non-erythropoietic asialoerythropoietin protects against neonatal hypoxia-ischemia as potently as erythropoietin
J Neurochem 91: 900-910 [Abstract]

Davezac N, Tondelier D, Lipecka J., Fanen P, Demaugre F, Debski J, Dadlez M, Schrattenholz A, Cahill M, Edelman A (2004)
Global proteomic approach unmasks involvement of keratins 8 and 18 in the delivery of CFTR/F508-CFTR to the plasma membrane
Proteomics 4: 3833-3844 [Abstract]

Schrattenholz A, Klemm M. and Cahill M (2004)
Potential of Comprehensive Toxico-Proteomics: Quantitative and Differential Mining of Functional Proteomes from Native Samples.
ATLA 32: 123-131 [Abstract]

Schrattenholz A (2004)
Proteomics: How to control highly dynamic patterns of millions of molecules and interpret changes correctly?
Drug Discovery Today- Technologies 1, 1-8 [Abstract]

Sommer S, Hunzinger C, Schillo S, Klemm M, Biefang-Arndt K, Schwall G, Pütter S, Hoelzer K, Schroer K, Stegmann W Schrattenholz A (2004)
Molecular analysis of homocysteic acid-induced neuronal stress
J Proteome Res 3: 572-581 [Abstract]

Klemm M. and Schrattenholz A (2004)
Neurotoxicity of Active Compounds - Establishment of hESC-lines and Proteomics technologies for human embryo- and neurotoxicity -screening and biomarker identification
ALTEX 21: 12-19 [Abstract]

Schrattenholz A, Schroer K, Chatterjee SS and Koch E (2004)
Proteome analysis reveals a distinct molecular profile of cellular stress following incubation of DDT1-MF2 smooth muscle cells in the presence of a high concentration of hyperforin
Planta Medica 70: 342-346 [Abstract]

Klemm M, Schrattenholz A (2004)
Stammzellen als Modell für die Wirkstoffentwicklung
Nachrichten aus der Chemie 52: 898-902 [Abstract]

Klemm M, Schrattenholz A (2004)
Emryonale Stammzellmodelle zur Identifikation diagnostischer Biomarker
Laborwelt 01: 8-12 [Abstract]

Cahill MA, Wozny W, Schwall G, Schroer K, Holzer K, Poznanović S, Hunzinger C, Vogt JA, Stegmann W, Matthies H, Schrattenholz A (2003)
Analysis of relative isotopologue abundances for quantitative profiling of complex protein mixtures labelled with the acrylamide/D3-acrylamide alkylation tag system
Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 17: 1283-1290 [Abstract]

Vogt JA, Schroer K, Holzer K, Hunzinger C, Klemm M, Biefang-Arndt K, Schillo S, Cahill MA, Schrattenholz A, Matthies H, Stegmann W (2003)
Protein abundance quantification in embryonic stem cells using incomplete metabolic labelling with 15N amino acids, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry, and analysis of relative isotopologue abundances of peptides.
Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 17: 1273-1282 [Abstract]

Vogt JA, Wachter U, Stegmann W, Schrattenholz, A (2003)
Quantitative protein expression analysis and determination of amino acid precursor pool enrichment in stem cells performed with stable isotope amino acid in vivo labelling and MALDI-TOFMS
Mol Cell Proteomics 2: 795

Davezac N, Ben-Salem N, Valleé B, Edelman A, Demaugre F, Dadlez M, Schrattenholz A (2003)
Analysis of differentially expressed proteins inHeLa cells expressing CFTR and F508 CFTR
Mol Cell Proteomics 2: 807

Wozny W, Schwall G, Neubauer H, Kurek R, Clare S, Schrattenholz A, Cahill MA (2003)
ProteoTope analysis of microdissected proteomes
Mol Cell Proteomics 2: 847

Schrattenholz A, Sommer S, Klemm M, Biefang-Arndt K, Schwall G, Hölzer K, Schroer K, Hunzinger C, Pütter S, Stegmann W (2003)
Differential proteomics analysis of neuronal stress induced by homocysteic acid: Phosphorylated and methylated isoforms of chaperones as molecular signature of homocysteic acid-induced excitotoxicity
J Neurol 250: 179

Poland J, Cahill MA, Sinha P (2003)
Isoelectric focusing in long immobilized pH gradient gels to improve protein separation in proteomic analysis
Electrophoresis 24 : 1271-1275 [Abstract]

Schrattenholz A (2003)
Funktionelle molekulare Analyse: Wie ist die Proteinvielfalt beherrschbar?
Nachrichten aus der Chemie 51: 1041-1046 [Abstract]

Schrattenholz A, Wozny W, Klemm M, Stegmann W, Cahill MA (2003)
Differential and Quantitative Proteomics in Neurobiology. Complexity Reduction by Radioactive and Stable Isotope Labeling Using mbryonic Stem Cell Models
Third International Congress on Vascular Dementia, Prague, 2003: 247-253 [Abstract]