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Fee for service

ProteoSys provides fee-for-service for the life science industry and academia. Our focus is less on single services but on integrated research projects using our core technology ProteoTope™ together with further elements of our technologies

The ProteoSys' "toolbox" contains:

Proteome Analytics

Our proteome-analytical laboratory offers various services in the field of protein analysis. [further_information]

Bioinformatics, Data analysis and data mining

ProteoSys offers services in data evaluation for a variety of biomedical experiments, most notably related to differential proteomic analysis. Organisation of outcomes in a ready-to-use data base application may also be provided upon customer’s request. In the run-up to actual execution of experiments, our long-standing skills in proteomic techniques assure optimal design and professional planning of your projects. In addition, ProteoSys offers data mining services in our proprietary data base of differential protein identifications emerging from a multitude of experimental approaches, specifically for brain related research. [further_information]

Cell biology

The laboratory of cell biology has developed a variety of testing systems using different types of stem cells (mESC, hESC etc). Along with our cell systems we can offer efficacy and toxicity tests [further_information]

Mass spectrometry

Bioanalytical mass spectrometry is an essential technology for protein analysis today. It is a powerful tool for protein identification and quantification as well as detection and localisation of posttranslational modifications. [further_information]

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