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Chemical proteomics
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Chemical proteomics

Chemical proteomics is a functional proteomics technology that uses specially designed chemical probes to profile “interacting proteomes” for small molecules of interest. Attention is focused on labelling of active biomolecules in cell lysates or intact living cells.

We introduce protein-reactive groups under strict structure-activity considerations into small molecules, allowing specific protein tagging, purification, and analysis. New bio-orthogonal organic chemistry is applied to label target proteins in intact cells. This technology represents an ultra fractionation based on affinity/activity.

Our goal is to identify target proteins for bioactive small organic molecules and to use novel mechanistic information for drug development. Chemical proteomics is used at ProteoSys in a quantitative way and as such has the potential to accelerate the whole drug development process.

This technology has been successfully used in own discovery projects and in numerous fee-for-service collaborations with the life science industry.