ProteoSys AG innovation in functional proteomics
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ProteoSys has contributed to large public collaborative research projects throughout its existence [further_information]. We have contributed with quantitative differential proteomics, and have experience correlating our data to genetic, transcriptomic and functional biological and clinical data from partner groups.

ProteoSys has unique expertise in the integration of evaluation, analysis, and visualisation of biomedical data from a variety of inter-related experiments. ProteoSys is equipped to perform automated differential image analysis and mass spectrometric protein identification. We have developed proprietary mass spectra analysis software for post-translational modifications. This is the level of highest probability to discover robust biomarkers.

Over the years, ProteoSys' bioinformatics group has collected a large body of differential protein identifications emerging from a multitude of experimental approaches in fields ranging from ageing and cancer research to toxicology and neurobiology. This wealth of information is organised in a proprietary database application integrating all available experimental and related scientific information.